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Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Hayes is a poster boy for American progressivism: educated at Brown (a breeding ground for liberal simps of every stripe), former Washington editor of the Nation (like being, during the Cold War, Moscow editor of Pravda), married to the associate counsel for Barack Obama, and brother to what Wikipedia describes as "a Democratic political operative." With credentials like these, it would have been astonishing if he HAD felt comfortable with the word "hero." This is a guy who's been so saturatingly marinated in Socialist Progressivism that he thinks in slogans like "War is Not the Answer" -- and, of course, if war is not the answer, then it must be a fallacious, futile, and foolish undertaking, and no one who participates in such folly can possibly be a hero. It's this kind of constipated thinking that enables a grown man to utter such a phrase as "so rhetorically proximate to justification" when all he really means is "so close to justifying." At Brown, interestingly, he majored in philosophy -- which means "love of wisdom." Apparently, the Brown philosophy department wouldn't know wisdom if it hit them in the face. If they did, they'd never have granted this very benighted man a degree.

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