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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Some years ago, Phillip Rieff's brilliant book, "The Triumph of the Therapeutic," explained how traditional morality and religion had been undermined by the relentless psychologizing of just about everything; nowadays, for example, in confronting terrorism, we are more likely to engage in psychobabble about the motivations of the terrorists than in serious discussions of good and evil. It wouldn't surprise me if, one of these days, someone were to write a book titled "The Triumph of the Trivial" -- which would explain how some of the major institutions of our society came to displace serious discussion of serious matters with trifles, twaddle, and fiddle-faddle. Obviously, the answer has something to do with politics. But it also, I suspect, has something to do with the contempt the American elite holds for the American people. The underlying assumption of the mainstream media -- which must attract an audience to stay alive -- is that ordinary Americans just aren't smart enough to tune in to hear serious reporting on serious topics. What they will tune in to hear -- so goes the assumption -- is the frivolous, the frothy, and the flimsy -- like the story about Queen Elizabeth's "lovely peach hat." Small wonder Obama thinks he can lie and lie to the American people and get away with it; like his fellow Lefties in the elite that now dominates our politics and our media, he believes we are so besotted with therapeutic psychobabble and trivial folderol that we will believe anything. Let's hope that, come November, he and his fellow elitists get their comeuppance.

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