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Sunday, 03 June 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Ever since word of the hit list leaked out, I've been wondering when -- if ever -- someone of real stature on the Left was going to scream in protest. Cockburn is certainly someone of stature on the Left -- after all, he writes regularly for the Nation, which should, I think, place him on the radical Left -- and here he is emitting what sounds very much like a primal scream. This is good. The revelation that Obama's been sitting in the White House giving thumbs up and thumbs down like a Roman emperor dispensing with gladiators has apparently alienated the most fervent part of his base -- the very part he wooed and won a few weeks ago with his support of gay marriage. Any disenchantment among this most radicalized portion of the electorate can only weaken The One in November. I'm not placing any bets -- but this is heartening. (By the way, Cockburn has always wielded a poisonous pen, but "psychopathic megalomaniac" is pretty venomous even by his standards. This is really remarkable stuff.)
I hadn't noticed Cockburn since I quit lurking at lucianne's site in, oh, 2002. I remember that the commenters there paid attention. And yes, he was a whacked-out lefty of the Chomsky school, like Fisk. (At least he's against Pol Pot, which Chomsky famously wasn't.) When I struck out for the blogosphere, I noticed that people had quit caring what Cockburn said. The problem here is that Cockburn just sucks. He never was any good at formulating an argument. No-one outside the Nation even bothers to link to the fool. So how did he get where he is? The old-fashioned way. He's the son of Claud Cockburn. Much like John Podhoretz would be a low-level blogger today were it not for daddy Norm. (At least Chris Buckley is able to write a novel.) So: "stature". Maybe in 2000 he still had it. Not now.
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