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Friday, 01 June 2012


Mannie Sherberg
There's always been a debate among historians as to whether Nero actually fiddled while Rome burned -- but there'll be no debate about the fact that Obama fiddled around while the American economy burned into cinders. There was never anything fated or destined or inevitable about this conflagration of American assets and American dreams. It is the result of intentional malfeasance by a socialist president determined to give America its comeuppance and bring it to its knees. What's happening today is what the Left has for many years yearned for, pined for, and worked for. Obama's talk about Hope and Change was much more than campaign malarkey -- it was a promise to the Left that he would give them what they hoped for by changing America into the basket case of their dreams. He's kept his promise.
Mannie is of course correct, but one cannot help but note how pathetic Obama has become, after fundamentally transforming one-sixth of the American economy but now having to watch it being reviewed by the Supreme Court (some eegot forgot to check the Constitution before ramming ObamaCare through Congress), and possibly having it repealed next year by a Republican Congress. He couldn't raise taxes even when his party completely controlled Congress; his attempt at fundamentally transforming energy usage in America through cap-and-trade barely passed the House (many Democrats who voted for it were subsequently shellacked) and wasn't even taken up by the Senate. He destroyed public financing in 2008 and now must traipse around raising money, asking people to still believe in Him; but they now know he was only sort-of-Him, in his own eyes, and it's hard to make that sale again. His campaign is a series of exploding cigars rolled by David "Acme" Axelrod and tricks prepared by David "Poof!" Plouffe, since there is no record to campaign on, and it is all become a joke. Here's Jammie (at Jammie Wearing Fools) on Obama's six fundraisers today: "White House insiders expressed concern Obama may not have enough time to squeeze in a round of golf this afternoon or the Heat-Celtics game tonight."
new era gorras  ,
Er konnte nicht die Steuern erhöhen, selbst wenn seine Partei vollständig Kongress kontrolliert, sein Versuch, grundlegend verwandeln Energieverbrauch in Amerika durch Cap-and-Handel kaum vom Repräsentantenhaus verabschiedet (viele Demokraten, die für sie wurden in der Folge shellacked gewählt) und wurde nicht einmal getroffen durch den Senat.
One thing that really irritates me is that the "news media" just repeats the official, "cooked," unemployment figures in an uncritical fashion. From Jaunuary, 2009: "If the government was still calculating the unemployment rate using the same criteria and methods that had last been used during the Clinton administration, the 'official' unemployment rate today would be closer to 18%." http://mortgagedfuture.com/true-unemployment-rate-not-reflected-in-government-numbers/ BY THE WAY, When the above excerpt said "last...used during the Clinton administration," keep in mind that this change was made in 1994, /early in the Clinton administration/: http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/real-unemployment-rate-22-5/

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