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Monday, 30 July 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Watching Obama's friends as they cavort across the national landscape is like watching an endless cavalcade of freaks, misfits, good-for-nothings, ne'er-do-wells, oddballs, scalawags, aberrations, troublemakers, miscreants, sad sacks, losers, delinquents, rotten apples and no-accounts -- an interminable parade of the worst America has to offer. I have concluded that a Romney victory is essential if for no other reason than that we desperately need to relegate all these nightmarish creatures back to the shadows from which they sprang. In the beginning, when Tony Rezko appeared on the scene, he seemed to add nothing more than a little raffishness to the national background. But then along came Wright and Ayers and Farrakhan and a seemingly infinite caravan of the dissolute, the disreputable, and the disgraceful. This country can do better than that. It's time we did.

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