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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Meanwhile, here in the USA, two candidates for the presidency are campaigning as if Iran didn't exist. Romney, of course, will correct this neglect in just a few days, when he visits Israel. For Obama, we can be sure that Iran will remain the GUT -- the Great Unspoken Topic -- of the campaign ... a topic he wishes would simply go away, at least until November 7th. He cannot be bothered with such trivia as a terrorist attack against Israelis by a major enemy of the United States -- not when there are truly important topics to be debated, such as the exact date Romney stopped working at Bain Capital. We had better wake up -- quickly. More important, our "leaders" had better wake up quickly. The hour is very late. Does anyone -- anyone at all -- truly believe America is invulnerable to such an attack right here on our own soil? Can there possibly be any ordinary Americans as suicidally complacent as the Obama administration? Our government is in the clutches of criminally negligent men and women. And to think that we sneer at Neville Chamberlain for not recognizing the threat from Hitler!

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