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Friday, 13 July 2012


Lyla Burns
I would love to win an air conditioning unit. Our just went out and I'd way rather win one then by air conditioner. http://www.rentmeister.com/AirConditioningFAQs.html Thanks for sharing this giveaway!
air conditioning repair indianapolis
Free air conditioners? hahah that's really funny and yes I agree with you too. I am sure if they pass this their hair will get tangled.
plumbing supplies
I disagree that airconditioning is bad for the environment. Because we all know that aircon decreases the rate of heat to our surrrounding. How come does it bad ?
"Just when you thought you’d heard it all the government starts handing out free air conditioners to the poor." Are you kidding me! This is ridiculous... we are trillions in debt and handing out EXPENSIVE air conditioning units like candy. Our govt is messed up... http://acoverstock.com
Coach Canada
The summer is the period of blossom, sweet spend dazzling and stylish, a lady of the United States and the United States bags always make people feel good.
Free air conditioners? Pretty cool!
Donna Phillips
It is but so generous of the government to have this program for the poor. Sometimes we need to realize and ponder that there are other people who need more attention than us.
I having a lot of problems with my air conditioning in Miami FL. Do you have any easy fixing solutions? Thanks.
home inspection jacksonville
Really? Free AC? It's not bad though but taxes should work to benefit people
Jack Mason
Free AC? Okay, that sounds good to me. I read about a guy who would buy ice in college and put it in front of a fan for his AC. Funny stuff. http://www.borterheating.com/services.htm
Thanks for this post. There's nothing I would want more right now in Las Vegas than air conditioning repair work. It's just starting to heat up and the misery is on its way! http://www.amivegas.com/services.html
Ac Repair New Orleans
Sometimes we need to realize and ponder that there are other people who need more attention than us. Ac Repair New Orleans
Progress Lighting
Yes, indeed. But bad or not, the idea of giving those luxury staff is a no no. Help them learn how to help themselves and contribute to the society, not just a one day enjoyment.
Where can I go for air conditioning phoenix in az? Mine broke, and when you live in az, that is not good!!!
Abed Nadier
This is awesome! I really think that supplying families with air conditioning when they can't afford it themselves is an amazing idea. I know of a lot of families that would benefit from something like this in my neighborhood. Maybe the great idea will catch on. http://www.snellingcompany.com

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