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Thursday, 05 July 2012


Mannie Sherberg
About now, Romney must be humming that song from "My Fair Lady" -- "The pain from Bain keeps falling on my brain." In truth, if it weren't Bain that's giving him pain, it would be something else. One thing is sure: the faux-journalists working for state-run media will always find something with which to torment him. If they can't find anything, they'll make something up. In fact, they won't have to make it up; the Demoncrats in The One's inner circle -- all of whom have advanced degrees in such arcane sciences as demonization, prevarication, and calumniation -- will make it up for them. Romney has an exceedingly nasty bunch arrayed against him -- scruples-challenged professional low-lifes who will do whatever it takes to destroy him. We can only pray that he's tough enough to take it. He'll have pain falling on his brain right up until November 6th.
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