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Monday, 23 July 2012


Mannie Sherberg
The people who populate today's American Left are the spiritual offspring of the American Commies of the 1930s and 40s -- a group that never, never, never admitted to being wrong about anything. Five minutes after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, America's Commies were busy anathematizing Hitler -- the very man they had venerated as a staunch Soviet ally five minutes before. Never once after that did a single member of the CPUSA ever say, "We were wrong about Hitler." They simply pretended their support for the guy had never happened -- and went on from there. The Lefties in control of today's major media are just as insouciant, just as carefree, about the truth as were their Commie forebears. So they will do what the Left always does: pivot on a dime and tell us that WMD that could have originated in Iraq are now showing up in Syria -- while completely ignoring the fact that just a few years ago they were telling us that "Bush lied, people died." These people never miss a chance to show us how twisted they really are.
Mannie, you're so right. Have you noticed recently how the endlessly repeated "Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich" have somehow morphed into the issue of whether or not to extend "Tax Cuts for the Middle Class"?? The middle class got tax cuts in the Bush years? Who knew??
Who knew, indeed. Perhaps the middle class should be thanking Obama for bringing them the good news.
Yes, we really should be thanking him :)
Mannie Sherberg
The "tax cuts for the middle class" mantra is just one more in an endless series of examples of Leftist disregard -- contempt, really -- for the truth. The tactic is a clever one -- and over the years it's given the Left a considerable boost politically. The idea is not so much to tell one Big Lie as to tell a multitude of small lies, middle-sized lies, humongous lies -- all kinds of lies on every imaginable subject. As conservatives long ago discovered, the cumulative effect of this torrent of lies is overwhelming: catching up with one lie and nailing it is hard enough; catching up with an infinitude of lies is impossible. Sure, some of these lies are eventually exposed -- but never all of them. That's why so many Americans walk around -- without realizing it -- with heads stuffed full of falsehoods which, because they've heard them repeated so often, they accept as the gospel truth. It takes a pretty high degree of shamelessness to build political success on misleading the people -- but then shamelessness is the chief ingredient in the DNA of the Left.

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