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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I've never read Alinsky, but apparently the Dims -- and their sycophants in the media -- have interpreted the advice to "constantly cut new issues" as meaning "if there are no new issues, make some up." That's what the media's been doing ever since this presidential race began: contriving red herrings and tossing them to the voters as if the voters were trained seals with an insatiable appetite for herring. Todd Akin, Cayman Island accounts, murder by proxy, income-tax avoidance, dogs atop cars, high-school pranks, the "weirdness" of Mormonism, the war on women, the woeful treatment of Sandra Fluke -- the red herrings keep coming. The MSM has turned itself into the world's largest red-herring processing plant. No wonder the Dim campaign is both the fishiest and the smelliest in recent memory.

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