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Tuesday, 04 September 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Hard to believe there's anyone out there who doesn't like our warm and cuddly prez. Gee whiz ... what does a guy have to do to make himself popular? After all, he's humble, self-effacing, never abandons a friend, cannot tell lies, always has a good word for everyone -- and is a red-white-and-blue American patriot. What's not to like? All I can say is: some voters are really picky, picky, picky.
 Greg Wynne
It is reassuring that most women seem finally to want jobs for themselves and/or their husbands--nothing like a depression to bring back reality. A liberal is happy until she runs out of other people's money--and these people are beginning to fight back. Sign Me: DON'T TREAD ON ME
As a christian woman, this man makes my stomach turn whenever i hear his voice. his lies and deceit. his arrogance. his thuggary and intimidation. he ignores standing law. he is everything this country used to fight against. truly the most corrupt adminisration in our history.
S. Sloane
Democrats are just angry, bitter leftists, clinging to their atheism & socialism - I'm also thinking a Republican "57" state sweep - reason - "a three letter word - jobs"

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