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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Another brilliant piece from Mark Steyn. If there's a better polemicist in America, I don't know who it is. Obama's campaign is crumbling, and surely Benghazi must be a big part of the reason why. Sure, Romney's momentum has something to do with it, and Obama's juvenile antics on the stump are no doubt starting to rile voters, but the major factor, I suspect, is that a critical mass of voters has suddenly realized that our president is a man of low character. Apparently, it took an event as tragic as Benghazi to make that plain to a lot of people, but -- despite the best efforts of the MSM to suppress it -- the story has gotten out. When the Des Moines Register endorses a Republican for president, you know something historic is going on. That something historic is Benghazi -- and its revelation that a moral midget now occupies the Oval Office.
Excellent, Mannie. Thanks

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