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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
In his prodigiously researched book "Sharia Versus Freedom," Andrew Bostom devotes a chapter to the links between Jihadism and Naziism. The chapter goes well beyond the well-known connection between Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and beyond the Mufti's enlistment of Bosnian Muslims to serve in an SS brigade that fought alongside the Germans, and delves into the deep philosophical commonalities between the two totalitarian movements: National Socialism and Islam. One reason the "noose around Israel's neck" that Daniel Greenfield describes so well still exists is that -- despite myths to the contrary -- the West never really finished off Naziism. What seemed like a conclusive end to World War II wasn't conclusive at all; Naziism went underground and thrived throughout the Middle East. The diehard Nazis who infiltrated the Arab world -- some of whom actually converted to Islam -- passed the baton to the Jihadis, who are doing nothing more -- or less -- than trying to complete Hitler's work. And -- in the strangest development of all -- the West, which apparently has learned nothing in the past 70 years -- behaves as if this is 1938. What the West insists upon denying is that World War II never ended; it continues to this very day with a slightly different cast of characters, and a very different geographic dimension. The war is now being mainly fought not on the Western front or the Eastern front but on the Middle Eastern front. But the stakes remain what they have always been: freedom or slavery.
The Legal Case for Israel (45:57): http://www.torahcafe.com/professor-eugene-kontorovich/the-legal-case-for-israel-video_33fb484b5.html

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