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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Can anyone tell me the difference between these cruddy little monsters at the Haifa rally in honor of a depraved mass murderer and the Hitler Youth of the 1930s -- whom we've all seen in countless photos at countless rallies in honor of another depraved mass murderer? The worst of it is that the abominable brats at the Haifa rally no doubt departed the rally feeling smugly self-righteous and infinitely superior to their fellow Jews who engineered and carried out Jabari's killing -- just as their Nazi precursors departed their rallies feeling smugly self-righteous and infinitely superior to all those who hadn't yet seen the light of Naziism. Let's be frank about this: Evil is evil -- whether perpetrated by Nazi punks or Jewish punks. This is rank evil.
What is wrong with these people? Who is teaching them? American professors? There is NO excuse for this. Defy God? It always works out so well for everyone.

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