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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Oy! -- and oy! again. We are headed for a classic hudna -- a fake "truce," dear to the hearts of jihadis because it gives them a chance to take a breath and acquire more weapons in preparation for resuming the attack. For these guys, the jihad never ends. The Israelis, we're now told, will insist that the "truce" come with stiff guarantees -- but they know better than anyone that such guarantees are worthless. This will be a show truce, just as Stalin's trials were show trials. But it will give Hillary and Ban Ki-moon another 15 minutes of fame on the nightly news. We'll never win the war on terror unless we first get serious about it. And, at the moment, that's the last thing in the world anyone wants to do. As the French say -- and they're right: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Or, as Koheleth more trenchantly said -- and he was also right -- "All is futile!"

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