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Friday, 09 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I'm not buying the "Sandy beat Romney" thesis, Yael -- for the plain and simple reason that it contradicts everything we know about human psychology. Sure, we're all, at times, fickle and capricious, but the idea that millions of people changed their votes because of a few pictures of Obama walking the beach and a brief pep-talk by Obama in New Jersey defies belief. The fact is that most voters never heard the pep talk -- it took place in the middle of the day -- and never saw the pictures. If changing opinions were that easy, advertising would be the simplest business in the world. It's not; it's one of the most complex -- because there's still so much we don't know about how and why people DO change their opinions. I think there's a much simpler explanation of what happened Tuesday. Find out why so many white voters -- perhaps as many as 7 million, and the great majority of them probably Republicans -- didn't bother to vote -- and you'll have the answer to why Romney lost. A huge chunk of the GOP base never showed up. If it had, Romney would've won. We now know there were millions of disaffected Republicans, but we still don't know -- and may never know -- why they were so disaffected. But their "sleeping in" on Election Day is all the explanation we need for why Obama is still president.

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