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Monday, 12 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Question, questions, questions: Do the rockets from Syria mean Assad is nutty enough to provoke his own destruction, or is he crafty enough to think that by initiating a regional war he can somehow ensure his own survival? Is Assad acting on his own, or is he acting on instructions from Iran? Do the rockets from Gaza mean Assad and Hamas are in cahoots, or is Hamas simply piggybacking on Assad's initiative in an effort to multiply Israel's misery? If the attacks go on much longer, will the Turks get involved, in an effort to bring down Assad and prove that they, not the Iranians, are the dominant force in the region? On his forthcoming trip to Turkey, will Obama insert himself into the middle of this internecine Muslim chaos -- and only make things worse? Final question: at a time like this, is there a single Israeli -- even in the fever swamps of the Israeli Left -- who would choose Ehud Olmert over Bibi Netanyahu as Israel's leader?

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