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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Granted: the MSM is utterly untrustworthy, sordid, and morally ignoble. But that just shows they represent a majority of the American people. Those 60% of Americans who favor soaking the rich (see above post) strike me as utterly untrustworthy, sordid, and morally ignoble (unless the 10th Commandment has recently been abrogated, and covetousness is now considered noble). In America, the majority get the leadership they deserve -- and they get the media they deserve, too.
yeshiva son
The worst part is that the Republicans are a bunch of stupid, spineless cowards who don't believe in anything really and won't stand up to the MSM or the Democrats. I think Michael Savage is right: It's a one party system, the Democans, or the Republicrats, and they just take turns being in power; it's a mutually beneficial arrangement so they fill their own pockets.

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