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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Stories like this numb the mind. The head of the UN nuclear agency -- who draws down big bucks, many of them from U.S. taxpayers -- tells us he can't provide "credible assurance" that one of Tehran's big lies IS a big lie. Well ... I can't provide credible assurance that mermaids don't exist, that leprechauns are figments of the imagination, or that Humpty-Dumpty didn't really fall off that wall -- but then I don't get paid big bucks. If the Republicans want to prove they're really serious about avoiding the fiscal cliff, I suggest John Boehner announce that negotiations with the Dims will not proceed unless the president agrees to withdraw from the UN (which costs us somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 billion bucks a year -- nearly one-fourth of the UN's annual budget). I realize that in these days of mega-buck federal spending, $32 billion is a pittance, small change, chickenfeed. But what better way to show we're serious about cutting federal spending than to get out of a profligate, trouble-making organization that pays people to tell other people that there's no "credible assurance" a lie is a lie. Duh ...h... h...!

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