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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Mannie Sherberg
With every passing day, the convoluted machinations of the Obama administration become -- if such a thing is possible -- more incomprehensibe, more unintelligible, more impenetrable. I suspect that if such towering geniuses as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein worked together to answer the queston "How did a shady character like Huma ever wind up as deputy chief of staff to the Secrtary of State?" they'd have no more success than in answering the question "What really happened in Benghazi and why?" These questions are so arcane, so unfathomable, I'm beginning to think we'll never get the answers. Maybe, however, someone out there can answer what seems to be a much simpler question: "What in the hell is Hillary doing in either Israel or Egypt?" If Obama meant what he said when he told the world that Israel has every right to defend itself, then why isn't Hillary back in Washington minding her own business? Why isn't the administration leaving Israel alone to do whatever it damn well pleases in its own defense? Why the meddling and obtruding and kibitzing in a matter that the Israelis are perfectly capable of handling on their own? If the Israelis have a right to defend themselves, then -- for crying out loud -- let them defend themselves. Must everything Barack Obama touches turn into a riddle inside a puzzle inside a conundrum?

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