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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Charles Krauthammer called the coronation speech "a hymn to big government." Ben Stein called it "a trivial speech in a serious time." Both are correct -- but I think Stein's evaluation was the more comprehensive. This was an astonishingly trivial speech -- a puny, piddling, small-potatoes speech that left out everything that's most important. The unalloyed leftism -- the hymn to big government -- was to be expected; Obama drank the Kool-aid at a very young age -- and we've all known for a long time that it's still coursing through his system. What wasn't to be expected was the utter failure to mention the cardinal fact of our time: that America is at war with a worldwide totalitarian ideology that may well prove more lethal than either Naziism or Communism -- and that we must therefore, before anything else, make sure we win that war. What wasn't to be expected was Obama's complete silence on this truly existential threat. And what wasn't to be expected was his channeling Neville Chamberlain and talking about "peace in our time." Imagine: the president of the United States quoting the most infamous, the most ignominious, the most shameful four-word phrase in all of modern history and using it to describe what he intends for us. Is he that tone-deaf? Does he know nothing about Munich? Yes, this was a hymn to big government, a paean to the confiscation of wealth, a psalm of praise for entitlements and never-ending nannyism. But above all else, it was a delusional denial of reality. And all of this comes just a day or two after the report that General Mattis may be turned out to pasture because he's a hard-liner on Iran. We have much to be worried about.

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