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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Mannie Sherberg
"An army," said Napoleon, "marches on its stomach." Evidently, Obama doesn't want this particular army to do any marching at all; he just wants it to get the hell out of Afghanistan. If this isn't the nadir of ignomony for this administration and this president, I can't imagine what would be. Will the American people ever have their fill of shame and dishonor? Can it be that this electorate really has an unlimited tolerance for degradation and abasement?
Tom Glennon
I read this account several weeks ago. I wrote to my 3 former Scouts presently serving in Afghanistan, asking if this was true. One is a Marine Recon, one is at a Special Forces outpost near Pakistan, and the third is training Afghan soldiers. They all said the same. As U.S. troop reductions are implemented, the field FOB's are becoming too small to maintain a regular full time mess hall. Instead, hot meals are delivered twice daily, but breakfast and late evening meals are usually MRE's. Normal fare is four meals a day. Two hot delivered, and two cold or heated MRE's. They do occasionally have a shortage of potable water, but that reduces shaving and showers only. Saw a similar one some months ago, about ammunition shortages. That was an internet generated fallacy. While no fan of this administration, it is important to insure that our criticisms are based on fact, rather than misunderstanding.
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- many thanks for the correction. I'm glad to learn I was wrong.
Tom, maybe I'm confused, because it does sound like - from what you say - that the heaadline is distorted but the story is right: they AREN'T being served breakfast (other than an MRE). It seems to me they should have the best food we can offer, up til their last meal in Afghanistan. Maybe I don't know enough about how the military operates, but I don't think that the mess halls should see the first reductions.
Tom Glennon
Yael; It has to do with the number of soldiers at an FOB (Forward Operating Base). When the number is too small to sustain the personnel necessary to maintain a full service mess hall, they transport two hot meals per day from larger bases. The remaining two meals are MRE (Meals Ready To Eat). These are full meal packets, which contain a chemical heating element so the soldier can heat the meal if he chooses. Many of these FOB's now have a single squad (8 men), all of whom are combat infantry. If they had a mess hall, they would have to assign squad members to protect the 2-6 ancillary personnel to protect them, reducing the effectiveness of the squad. Had the same issue in Vietnam in outlying areas. Larger bases still have full service mess halls, serving meals 24-7. No soldier is going without meals. Logistics are always an issue in a combat situation. At least the new MRE meals are way better than what we had in Nam.
If It has to do with the number of soldiers at an FOB why is it that my wife currently deployed as a MP at Bagram air base one of the biggest bases in operation don't get breakfast or midnight chow. For those that look at midnight chow and say why would they need that it's for those that work nights and sleep during the day. I fought wildland fire for 6 years and MRE's suck. We treat prisoners better than those serving our country.
Tom if your wife is not getting breakfast or midnight chow she is just not going. There is several DFACs at Bagram and all the DFACs are doing 4 meals currently.
Charles Fuller
It seems that the alarmist are at it again Though I do not care for Obama I do not feel this is the TRUE American way too critisze him. Why not press for impeachment? The Armed Forces have always drawn down from battle in this manor and they,not the President, should be questoned here.
George Johnson
Get your facts right, the troops are getting chow for breakfast, MRE's are food still sort of like being on food stamps for illegal alien's. Get on Congress and your Senators,No more hot Navy bean soup, just MRE's.

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