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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Mannie Sherberg
It isn't just Republican "leaders" who have lost their bearings. Yesterday, four run-of-the-mill Republican senators (including one -- Rand Paul -- who aspires to the presidency) voted to make Chuck Hagel -- an antisemitic nincompoop and surely the most unqualified person ever nominated for the job -- Secretary of Defense. Which makes me wonder: Is anybody who's stupid enough to vote for Hagel for ANY job really qualified to sit in the United States Senate? Or should we just conclude that these four guys have betrayed the cause of Republicanism -- and deserve to be voted out of office?
real essek beesh. is there hope for humaity as a whole at this point? looks like the accelaration of the cycle Ibn Kaldoun has detected long time ago...
Bunuel, tell us more about Ibn Kaldoun.

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