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Monday, 25 February 2013


Mannie Sherberg
The lexicographers -- according to the dictionaries I've consulted -- haven't a clue as to how and where "balderdash" originated. But all of us -- thanks to Bob Woodward (not exactly a rabid rightwing nutjob)-- have much more than a clue as to how and where the sequestration madness originated. We have conclusive proof (unless Woodward is the biggest liar since Baron Munchhausen) that it originated in the White House in the fertile minds of Jack Lew and BHO. Rand Paul is exactly right -- and he picked the right word, too. "Balderdash" originally meant a mishmash of liquids -- like milk mixed with whiskey. Sequestration is a mishmash of smart budget reductions and stupid budget reductions -- like those affecting our national defense. If I had a choice between milk mixed with whiskey and shrinking our Navy more than it's already been shrunk, give me the mishmash of liquids.

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