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Thursday, 28 February 2013


There is no question that AIPAC and ADL let down the Jewish People relative to the Hagel confirmation battle. The real question to ask about this is: why? Is it that that their leadership is so coopted by left-wing ideology that they actually believe the nomination of a flagrantly anti-semitic nitwit is not important because Buraq and the actual power-brokers in the administration will ultimately act in the best interests of Israel and the Jewish People? Or is it something that may be worse still: their political calculation is that they cannot challenge Obama on even such a fundamental point as to object to having a Jew-hater in such a (potentially) powerful position? It is this second possibility that worries me far more. As for Schumer, Feinstein, Levin, et. al., I expected nothing more than their duplicity. They care not one iota about the people whom were first on their list of donor and voter candidates when they began their political careers. They are beyond contempt and deserve the Kapo label they have earned. Tragically, stupid American Jews will continue to finance and form the foundation of careers of similarly-inclined politicians of this ilk, to wit, the Wasserman-Schultzes and Weiners. Too many American Jews cannot fathom that, at this point in history and all too likely from this point forward, the political left is a weapon aimed at the destruction of Israel and the genoicide of the Jewish People. They pretend this is not so, much like the Democrats pretended that the pro-Israel plank was not voted down by voice-vote at their convention last summer. A generation ago, delusional Europeans elected leftist putative Jews like Wily Brandts, who enthusiastically supported the opening of the floodgates on that Continent to the troglodyte Islamic hordes in front of whom the Europeans now cower. Look closely at where this has led in regard to the safety of Jews in Europe: daily attacks, boycotts. vandalizing of synagogues and Holocaust memorials, and murder. Like it or not, such is coming our way here, in the last place on Earth outside of Israel where Jews live as anything close to equals (and, here in the US, this is restricted to only some places). Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it, and thus those who see that sacrificing our people is not a price worth paying, even to the great Obama. Yael, sorry for my rant. I'm in the first generation of Jews born after the Holocaust, and I believe I have a sacred duty to their memory to fight this age-old murderous hatred that put us in the spot we are in as a people. If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
Mannie Sherberg
The movers and shakers ... the shtarkers and k'nockers ... who've anointed themselves the leaders of American Jewry were, we've been told, unwilling to oppose Hagel's appointment because they'd thereby lose favor and influence with the president. This is as crazy as saying "I'm not going to do anything to prolong my life because I'd thereby lose favor and influence with my local funeral director." What's the point of having favor and influence with the president if it's going to damage the very people you've anointed yourself to lead? The Yinglish term I'd apply to these moral midgets is "shmendricks" -- whom Rosten describes as "weak and thin" ... "pipsqueaks and no-accounts" ... "namby-pamby human types."
Thank you, Mannie, for your rant, and thank you Yael, for the post that produced it. On this issue, at this moment, AIPAC turned out to be the archetypal altrightnik, proud of its access but unwilling to use it when it mattered, lest the access be limited by the czar.
Mannie Sherberg
I wrote my comment before reading Meshulam's marvelous "rant." Meshulam, I can only say that your comment is much more than a rant -- it is a jeremiad ... and a very powerful one to boot. I am certain that a great many people -- decent and honorable people who lack your powers of expression -- would agree with every word you've written. Todah raba.

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