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Monday, 25 February 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Michelle's presence at last nights awards show is a perfect illustration of what we're up against. The Academy Awards are supposed to be about movies and the people who make movies. In addition, last night was supposed to be a celebration of movie music. What does the First Lady have to do with any of this? If the Academy felt it needed a non-movie personage-of-note to announce the best picture, why not give the assignment to a Wounded Warrior or a Medal of Honor winner? Instead we got Barack's alter ego. The fact that Hollywood -- an immensely potent force in the shaping of American culture -- is so deeply in love with the administration (and so shamelessly overt about advertising the fact) is a pretty fair measure of the depth of the hole in which we conservatives find ourselves. J. P. Masko is of course correct: a vast majority of Democrats -- and a huge part of the electorate that considers itself unaffiliated -- is woefully benighted, misinformed, and ignorant about current events. But their beliefs, many of which are little more than superstitions, are reinforced every time they watch a movie. And now they can't even watch the Academy Awards show without being assailed by Democrat propaganda -- the last thing in the world they need. I see nothing to be optimistic about.
Mannie Sherberg
Add-on to previous comment: Am I the only American who finds the incessant imaging of the Obamas on our TV screens both cultish and scary? In "1984," Big Brother's mug appears on the telescreens incessantly. That was Big Brother's way of reminding the entire population of Oceana that they were under surveillance -- 24/7. We haven't reached that point yet -- but the steady, drip-drip-drip appearances of one or another Obama on our telescreens is a surefire way to make sure they're never far from our thoughts. Americans who last night thought they could "get away" from the pressure of the day by watching a few hours of the Academy Awards were kidding themselves. Even on a show supposedly as remote from politics as the AA, there was Michelle -- festooned in finery befitting the occasion -- making the biggest announcement of the whole show. This may not be brainwashing -- but it's too close for my comfort. Ours is getting to be an all-Obama-all-the-time country. I don't know about the rest of America, but I wanna think about something else once in a while.
once in a while? why not all the while by now...ouff.

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