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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Obama strikes me as a nasty, vindictive and spiteful character. It would not surprise me that he is inviting this fight. It is also revealing as to what he and his Democrat minions really think about Israel and jews. It's surprising, and so disheartening, that so many still support this nomination--including the Jewish senators.
Stupid people tend to get angry when other people don't agree with them. Their minds cannot conceive of legitimate reasons why what they have concluded could be wrong. This is exacerbated to the extreme when the stupid person is also a world-class egomaniac and narcissist, whom has spent the last 30 years being told how brilliant and wonderful he is. There is no better case in point with Obama than his personal vendetta with Netanyahu; someone who won't kiss his tuchis, is far more intelligent, and more accomplished in every conceivable way. Bibi holds up the mirror of reality to Obama, and what Buraq sees in that mirror sickens him and scares him to death.
We would've been better off with Susan Rice at Foggy Bottom.

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