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Sunday, 24 February 2013


& MORE: "Oregon man in possession of 13 million gallons of illicit rainwater sentenced to jail" http://www.mnn.com/your-home/at-home/blogs/oregon-man-in-possession-of-13-million-gallons-of-illicit-rainwater-sentence
Mannie Sherberg
Oh what a rousing, rollicking, rambunctious rant this is! The irony in all this is that our self-styled betters -- the moral prigs who think they're wise enough to preach to the rest of us -- are, in truth, some of the stupidest and most poorly educated people on the planet. Virtually all the preachments we hear nowadays come from Leftist ignoramuses, blockheads, know-nothings, and assorted dolts, dunces, and dumbbells. At the top of the list is our president, who pretends he's an economics wizard. This is what happens, I suppose, when schools become more concerned with bolstering self-esteem than teaching hard subject matter. Thanks for this powerful post; you've made my day.
I took the poll and it was interesting. I would say the 73% agreement with the Libertarian is correct. But, the poll showed some innaccuracy by saying my views agree with the illegal foreign usurper Obama 1%. There is nothing that foreign marxist and I have in common.
oops. Toddah Rabbah for a great article. I feel your pain. Shalom U'Vrachot
Great rant. I agree with Greg that he has a right to the antibiotics, however the chronic sinus problems are a result of the drugs. The sooner he figures that out, the sooner he will be healthy

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