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Sunday, 31 March 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Far be it from me to suggest that I know better than our venerated Bureaucrat-in-Chief, but -- in this case, I do. Why bother with all the folderol spelled out in the Commission's to-do list? A far better -- and infinitely more efficient -- idea would be to announce that henceforth the Obama administration will save all of us the bother of voting -- by casting our votes for us. Why should Americans get out of the house (sometimes in foul weather) and trek all the way to a polling place and stand there for perhaps hours -- just to vote in a presidential election? Our lives will become immeasurably more convenient when the government takes on the chore of voting in our stead. The Feds don't even have to ask us how we want them to vote, since they already know what's best for us. I have no idea what other readers of BtB will be doing on Election day 2016, but I for one will be snug in my bed, snoozing away in the happy knowledge that the Presidential Commission on Election Administration is doing my voting for me. Ain't Big Government grand?

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