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Friday, 29 March 2013


Mannie Sherberg
There's no bigger instance of "tampering with reality" through language than our insistence -- which pre-dates the Obama administration -- that Islam is a "religion of peace." For this idiotic irreality, we can thank -- first and foremost -- George W. Bush, who insisted on foisting it upon the world within days after 9/11. There's no way of reckoning how much misery this semantic fecklessness has brought, is bringing, and will continue to bring upon all of us. I don't know if GWB ever read Orwell, but, in the end, he became an Orwellian president, fully believing, I suspect, that falsehood is truth simply because he said so.
Speaking of doublethink, Don Surber predicts Roberts will vote to uphold gay marriage as a tax.
islam as "religion of peace?" For that idiotic "reality" we can thank -- first and foremost -- *bILL cLINTON* and all of the God-damned *DEMOCRATS*, and their supporters, and their friends (You out there, do you hear me!), who foisted that lie upon the American people IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! (Example: The movie "The 13th Warrior" Example: The PBS special "Islam: Empire of Faith" produced in part by U.S. taxpayer dollars). By the end of the clinton administration, describing islam as a "religion of peace" was already firmly embedded into "Political Correctness" (PC). THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS -- IT WAS NOT SOME OTHER WAY. And anyone who describes this in any other way gives cover for clinton and the democrats, and is -- personally -- part of the problem to this day. Then one day, we discovered that someone was at *WAR* against us, by the World Trade Center attack of 09/11/2001. The islamic terrorist organization al-quaeda executed that attack against the civilian target. One of al-quaeda's stated goals was to (and mark these words carefully) start a war between the United States and islam. That is, al-quaeda wanted to make all muslims everywhere make war against the United States. This was known by our side, because osama bin laden said so PUBLICLY, and repeatedly. (They said, "America is waging war against /islam/.") Well, "9-11" announced that we were at war against *somebody.* And lest we bungle the situation, and find ourselves at war against ALL 1.5-billion-or-so musilms, the public statement was that [and I can barely type this. . .] "This [9-11] was a heinous crime, but Islam is a religion of peace; The United States is not at war against Islam. The United States is only at war against Al-Quaeda and its supporters." But apparently nobody ever heard of "divide-and-conquer." HEY, YOU OUT THERE -- IN WAR, WHICH IS WHAT THIS WAS, YOU UNITE YOUR FRIENDS, YOU DIVIDE YOUR ENEMIES, OR IN THIS CASE, YOU ISOLATE YOUR ENEMIES. AND THAT WAS WHAT BUSH'S STATEMENT WAS ABOUT. But hey, let's just turn off our brains and take the easy way out. Let's just Blame Bush "first and foremost", and give cover for every LEFTIST TURD out there, strengthening their hands. . . the same ones who *immediately* blamed Israel for the "9-11" attack.
Gavriel Ketz
My understanding of Doublespeak is encapsulated in the phrase " he speaks with a forked tongue".

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