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Friday, 29 March 2013


she seems to have eyes that see...best wishes for her life all the way
Congratulations to the great Israeli nation.
It may not be the messianic era yet, but it is nothing short of miraculous that the Jews of the world, nearly decimated by the Holocaust, nevertheless formed a country (with an anthem titled "The Hope") and defended it, created a democracy and built a world-class economy -- even though they hadn't had a military force in nearly a thousand years, had to drain swamps and live on kibbutzim to redeem their land, came from autocratic countries without a democratic tradition but established the only democratic government in the region, and then had to fight war after war against enemies pledged to wipe them out, never once suspending civil rights or democratic government, and offered their neighbors (time after time) their own state. And the beautiful picture above captures the hope of the future in the look of two young Israelis' eyes.

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