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Friday, 26 April 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Congratulations, Yael, on your 10th blogiversary! Ignore the dwindling readership. Those of us who read BtB daily do so because we find something here that we don't find anywhere else: an outlook on our current plight that's sometimes quirky, always informed, and invariably eye-opening. What we get on BtB is something rare on the internet: a point-of-view that never falls for right-wing groupthink (and yes, there is, unfortunately, groupthink on the right). And we get something more: the kind of prose that make readable writing readable: sometimes crotchety, often funny, always passionate, and -- best of all -- wise. Throw in ahavas yisrael -- your abiding love of Judaism and the Jewish people, and we -- your readers -- get something we can't get elsewhere. Keep it up, Yael. I suspect I speak for the "saving remnant" when I say we're looking forward to the next 10 years.
100% in ageement with the previous response. Please. And thank you. Toddah Rabah lach.
An Israeli colonel once said of Ruth Wisse that she was "worth a battalion," because the ongoing war against the Jews is not only a military one but an intellectual battle as well -- one in which we can take no rest, requiring the brightest minds and boldest spirits on our side to put into words the principles the rest of us feel but cannot articulate. That is what you have done, Yael, for ten years -- laying things out, connecting dots, portraying pictures, informing and bolstering us, chiding us when necessary, always standing up, always saying hineni, and each week sending us off into Shabbat with a picture that captures its beauty. You should be extremely proud of what you've done, and we are immensely grateful for your extraordinary gifts that you have contributed to the historic cause that transcends us all.
Herb Glatter
"A woman of valor" is a phrase I heard many times growing up, that fits you to a tee. We need you now more than ever, keep up the goof fight, Chaim.
Congratulations BokerTov! We've exchanged views recently about my deep concern over a few Native American scholars allowing promulgators of Palestinian propaganda to sidle up to our own unique entity. It helped tremendously to unload these worries onto such a renowned & perceptive blogger. Your blog is, without a doubt, nothing less than fantastic. Remember that pendulums do what they do best: swing back & forth, but always stay on time. Not sure, but maybe that's profound.

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