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Monday, 13 May 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Some savant -- I can't remember who -- opined the other day that the Obama administration itself had leaked the IRS story -- in order to divert public attention away from Benghazi. If's there's any truth to the story -- which I doubt -- that would be the equivalent of releasing a vial of plague germs without wearing a hazmat suit. If anything, the IRS story is reinforcing the central message of the Benghazi story: the Obama administration is not to be trusted. And that message was doubly reinforced this morning when, at his press conference, Obama called Benghazi a "sideshow." Unfortunate choice of words: sideshows, after all, are the habitat of freaks, weirdos, and oddities. So, Obama implied that everyone and anyone who doubts his veractity on Benghazi is a freak, a weirdo, and an oddity. Is this guy TRYING to commit political suicide?

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