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Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Granted, this guy will do anything to squeeze another buck from the legions of rubes, boobs, and simpletons who put him into office. But I think there's something else going on here. Today's speech was an attack -- not just verbal but existential -- against a segment of American culture that Obama loathes: those many Americans who work with their hands and do the hard labor that has always kept this country going -- and has always evoked the scorn and condescension of elite snobs and do-nothings like Obama. The people who mine our coal, like a horde of other Americans who do real labor and real toil, are an affront to every phony, every freeloader, and every parasite who walks the earth. Obama, himself a phony, a freeloader, and a parasite, detests these people with every fiber of his being -- and is determined to put them out of business, even if he must destroy their livelihoods to do it. We've all heard of class warfare -- but Obama genuinely believes in it, and is practicing it with gusto. Depend on it: once he finishes off the miners, he'll go after some other group who know what it's like to earn their bread by the sweat of their brows. This is the revenge of the Charlatans-and-Pretenders against the Makers-and-Doers. At its heart, it's not about soliciting money -- it's about getting back at a group of people they deeply resent.
I certainly understand how you feel (spiting nails) I have to turn him off everyday(since he feels the need to speak nearly every day). Then, reading about what he said makes me nearly as angry.I am amazed everyday by the numbers of people who see nothing wrong with destroying the country and pretend everything is fine.
Lived in CO too long, maybe. Lived very near WVA too and it seems changed.
I just got an email from him, offering me a chance to enter a lottery with a chance to meet him (backstage). He campaigns, he golfs, he pivots, he runs a lottery. The amazing shrinking president.

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