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Monday, 24 June 2013


Mannie Sherberg
At this early stage, all I know is that we don't need another Romney -- who, every time he had a chance to land a blow against Obama on some topic besides the economy -- flinched. He flinched on Benghazi, he flinched on foreign policy in general, and he flinched on every social issue on the books. This time, our candidate must be someone who's proven he or she (how come there are no "she"s on the list?) is tough enough to attack the Dims on all fronts -- not just one. And the attacks cannot be one-offs; they must be relentless. The only guy on the list who, to my knowledge, has demonstrated that kind of moxie is Scott Walker. (So, I suppose, has Chris Christie -- but I'm not sure Christie is a conservative. Walker is.) Show me the conservative candidate who DOESN'T have a faint heart, weak knees, and cold feet -- and I'll enlist under his or her banner in a minute.

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