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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Mannie Sherberg
This insanity will be touted as "humanitarian aid" -- and all those who oppose it will be labeled not merely as racists but as Fascists or even Nazis. Nevertheless, the mere fact that the State Department could "entertain" the idea illustrates why we are certain never to win the "war" we're now engaged in -- unless we first admit who and what it is we're at war with. We're not at war with "terror" -- and never have been; we're at war with the Global Jihad -- and the people we're fighting (or supposed to be fighting) are all, every one of them, jihadis. At this very moment -- until we have proof to the contrary -- every Syrian, on whatever side of the civil war he or she may be, must be considered a jihadi. Which means, of course, that granting Syrians residency in the United States means nothing less than granting residency to our presumptive enemies. But of course Obama, who has never, to my recollection, ever used the word "jihadi" in public discourse, doesn't see it that way. In the make-believe speak-no-evil world that he and George W. Bush have concocted, jihadis do not officially exist and therefore cannot officially threaten us. That denial is what made it so easy for BHO to declare, a couple of weeks ago, that the war is virtually ended: it's easy to end a "war" in which the enemy is forever nameless. Unhappily, when you're fighting real people and those people happen to be jihadis, you cannot unilaterally declare a war at an end because jihadis are, by definition, required to continue fighting until THEIR enemy (that's us) bows his head and acknowledges his dhimmitude. Since that is not about to happen, the war in which we're embroiled will not end for an exceedingly long time. But however long the war may be, admitting a Syrian fifth-column into this country is sure to prolong it. This, as I said, is insane.

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