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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Of course the dots connect in a straight line. To believe otherwise would be to be believe that these events are happenstance -- historic flukes. Not even the most sheepish Leftie could believe that. This is a virtual replay of 1978-79, when Jimmy Carter betrayed an American friend, the Shah of Iran -- and America got kicked in the teeth for it. Obama's betrayal of Mubarak will have -- is already having -- equally disastrous results. The big difference between 1979 and today is that Carter was too stupid to understand the magnitude of the evil he was abetting. Obama, on the other hand, surely knew what he was doing when he abandoned Mubarak so that he could throw in his lot with the Muslim Brotherhood. Observers all over the world were shrieking that what Obama was doing played directly into the hands of the MB. He did it anyway. The difference between 1979 and now is that Carter was incompetent; Obama is malevolent. We will pay very dearly for his embrace of Islamism.

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