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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Very nicely done, Yael! The juxtaposition of the menu -- clear evidence that the American ruling class has largely become the American gourmandizing class -- and the economic numbers -- clear evidence that the typical middle-class American is being royally screwed by the sybaritic gastronomes in Washington -- tells us more about what's wrong with our country than a shelf full of Ph.D. dissertations. Another woeful example of the dismal disconnect between the ruling class and the rest of us: Bernanke is being acclaimed as a solon and a hero because he's printing money to buy bonds to prop up a stock market that would otherwise be flat on its back; nobody in Washington utters a peep to complain that this printing -- or is it digitizing? -- of money is decreasing the value of every dollar in your pocket -- and driving up the cost of everything you buy. Holders of large blocs of securities -- many of them cronies of Obama and major contributors to his campaigns -- are getting richer by the day -- while ordinary middle-class shmucks are wandering around trying to figure out what hit them. We now have a socialist government that is redistributing wealth like mad, but the redistribution favors the sybaritic gastronomes who are mostly pals of the president -- while the middle class isn't even getting any crumbs. Actually, the government IS "getting things done." Unhappily, they're all the wrong things.

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