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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Mannie Sherberg
"Forced economic integration" -- a brilliant euphemism for Big-Brotherism run amuck. The idea would warm the cockles of Lenin's heart, and for good reason: this is exactly the idea the Soviets dreamt up and imposed on the hapless Soviet peoples for nearly three-quarters of a century: Wipe out the middle class, herd the dregs into bleak and soulless cities -- and make sure, of course, that the Ruling Class is separated from this horde of proletarians by assigning each of its members his own comfortable, even lavish, dacha somewhere in the countryside. I have no doubt that -- in that Great Dacha in the Skies where Stalin and and his circle now abide -- they are dancing kazatzkies at the glorious news that an American president is converting the United States to the Soviet model. Ain't progress grand?

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