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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Klara Lantos
I am a Jewish woman, born in Hungary was taken to Auschwitz at the end of May in 1944, saw the chimney spewing the smoke from the gas chamber not too far away and the "blockelteste" yelling look there are your mothers and fathers and all the little children going out in smoke, and that will be your fate also. I guess that Mr. Mersheimer should have been there to enjoy what the "moral" hitler thought up for the Jews of Europe. I guess that the morons of today cannot be convinced with the truth of yesterday.
Mannie Sherberg
Either (1) Mearsheimer and Daalder -- despite their Ph.Ds and other accouterments of academic acumen -- are woefully ignorant of what really occurred in Hitler's death factories or (2) they know perfectly well what really occurred but dismiss it as unworthy of serious mention because the victims were, almost without exception, "just Jews." I lean toward the second explanation. Buried very deep in the psyches of a great many people is the belief that Jews -- in some cosmically significant way -- are lesser beings who cannot be included in discussions of human suffering because they are not fully human. There's a reason so many "respectable" people are -- to this very day -- secretly in love with Hitler.

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