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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Hard to believe that just a generation or two ago, leadership was personified by people like Reagan and Churchill; today, what's risibly called leadership is personified by people like Obama and David Cameron. The sad-sacks who now "lead" the West are as indecisive, irresolute, and wavering, (none of which adjectives can be applied to the mullahs in Tehran) as any heads-of-state in modern times. It's okay -- and probably wise -- for us ordinary shlepps to dread Iran, but it is NOT okay for the president of the United States -- because dread in a president is a guarantor of infirmity and ultimately appeasement. Yet nothing could be clearer than that Barack Obama dreads Iran and will never act decisively against it. Israel is on its own -- which I'm sure comes as no surprise to thoughtful Israelis.

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