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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Anyone old enough to remember cartoonist Rube Goldberg -- and the magnificent contraptions he contrived -- had to wish yesterday, as I did, that good ol' Rube were still around to savor the "contraption-making" that now passes for "diplomacy." John Kerry's off-the-cuff answer to a reporter's question falls into Putin's ear and is instantly converted into a proposal which is then disgorged into the brain of Barack Obama where it is transformed into the salvation of the planet. Presto! A product called "World Peace in Our Time." This is Goldbergism with a vengeance! Before we get too excited, though, about this shiny new thingamajig. let's remember that not a single one of Goldberg's deliriously dopey doodads ever worked in the real world.
Mannie Sherberg
One good turn deserves another. Maybe Hillary will soon honor Jeb Bush by making him her vice-presidential candidate, thereby giving us the bi-partisan ticket of Clinton/Bush. In a world hungry for laughs, that would be make two jokes.
The whole Bush family is.
The whole Bush family is a joke

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