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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Mannie Sherberg
I feel guilty, Yael, about adding this mundane comment to your profoundly moving post ... but it may shed some light on the predicament that we -- the American people -- confront at this moment. I watched some of the 9/11 observances on FOX News this morning and was both startled and depressed to hear Jennifer Griffin, reporting, if I'm not mistaken, from the ceremony at the Pentagon, that there were very few news crews from competing networks covering the event. She'd looked around, she said, for the cameras and microphones she'd seen in previous years -- but they just weren't there. Could it be that many in the media now consider 9/11 ancient history -- something that deserves about as much attention as we pay, say, to the War of 1812? If our major organs of communication decide it's time to consign 9/11 to that bottomless black hole into which we dump so many troublesome or inconvenient memories, then we -- I'm referring again to the American people -- are truly goners.
Caroline Glick, writing ten years ago, on September 30, 2003: "The truth is that the heroism of Israelis -- from our soldiers in the field to Egged bus drivers who have personally thrown bombers from their buses, to waiters who have wrestled bombers to the ground and border policemen who have sacrificed their lives to keep suicide bombers away from civilians at a bus stop -- is unmatched by that of any nation in the world. The problem isn't our resilience; it is our lack of outrage. We have gotten used to being killed." We learned to accept rockets on civilians, the murder of an ambassador, the whirr of centrifuges, and an inept commander-in-chief golfing through the apocalypse. Thank you, Yael, for reminding us what we must recover.

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