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Wednesday, 04 September 2013


God look after the people of Israel during these perilous days.
Mannie Sherberg
L'shana tova! May you and yours all be inscribed in the Book of Life. And -- if there's a page in the Book for states rather than people -- may the State of Israel be similarly inscribed. I shall pray -- fervently -- for the well-being of your brisket. Happy munching!
J. L. Courtney
My history teacher Mr.Hartley, WWII pilot/bombardier/navigator introduced me&my classmates to the Holocaust, in an Oklahoma classroom, in the early Fifties. Nothing I've ever seen since have had the power of those pictures. I'll never forget those first lessons nor forswear the State of Israel. May all its courageous people find new strength, hope, and joy during Rosh HaShanah. btw, I laughed right out loud, all by my lonesome, at the courteous nod to the Dali Bama. I could see & smell the fumes. Now, back to that brisket; I've a friend who cooks his 9 hours.

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