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Monday, 23 September 2013


Mannie Sherberg
Years ago, on my first visit to Tucson, Arizona (where my sister lives), I got off the plane and -- first words out of my mouth -- said to my wife, "This heat is intolerable." Funny thing is, after a few days I learned to "tolerate" it. I guess what Obama meant was: "If Iran gets a nuke, I'm not gonna like it -- but I'll learn to live with it." If so, I can offer only this comment: In Tucson, you can learn to "live with" the heat -- but only at the cost of being damned uncomfortable every time you stick your nose out the front door. In a few months, when Iran gets its nuke, we're all going to be damned uncomfortable -- and a lot worse. The next time any presidential candidate says something won't be tolerated, whoever's debating him should ask -- as John McCain didn't -- "What EXACTLY do you mean by 'won't tolerate'?" McCain let himself be snookered -- and so did the rest of us.

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