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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Tom Glennon
I don't give much credence to those who can't spell (SATIN, SATAIN, ISREAL), are unable to use spell check, and don't know the history of the country (Albert was Swiss). The comments are not attributable to simple ignorance, as ignorance is the lack of information or education, and can therefore be corrected. This is stupidity, and you can't fix stupid. On the bright side, we do not have much to fear from these folks, except that they most likely have the right to vote.
When I was young, growing up in the Boston area, there was a wonderful radio talk show host on WBZ AM 1030 named David Brudnoy. David was a Jewish man and thus he often attracted the John Birch Society (based in Mitt's adopted hometown of Belmont, MA) callers or other less well-spoken troglodytes who would call and screech at him with their Jew-hating invective. The first time I heard this I was shocked that he would allow this slime to pollute the airwaves on his show. In his typical erudite fashion, Brudnoy explained that it was always better to let them expose themselves to the public. It is undoubtedly true, as you post shows once again, "by there words you shall know them."
Mannie Sherberg
An open letter to Yael: I'm confused. Who is this "Zionist Isreal" guy -- or is it a gal? There's no record of him/her on Wikipedia or anywhere else on the Web. And, in all my years as a reader of history, I can't remember hearing the name. This really bothers me, as I like to think I'm up-to-date on things and don't like being out of the loop. Can you please provide a lengthy and detailed post about this mysteriously named person and explain why we should be concerned about him/her? Your faithful reader ... Mannie Sherberg
Sigh. Consequently, greater constriction visa vis stricter Censorship in America and more plagues upon the West are forthcoming.

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