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Sunday, 22 December 2013


"If Secretary Kerry would leave off the hubris of thinking that everyone wants what he thinks they ought to want." Well, as a long-suffering former constituent of "Senator Foghorn Leghorn," I can attest to the fact that his leaving off the hubris would leave nothing remaining. Hubris is the man's very essence, it is all that he is and has ever been, dating back to his post-Vietnam career (and, some who apparently knew him at the St. Paul School and Yale, even further back than that). Kerry is engaging in the latest round of the farce that is the Israel-"Palestinian" "peace" negotiationls for one reason only: to burnish his credentials for his run for President in 2016. Yes, he is most definitely that delusional; his hubris is that profound, he is quite convinced that America "needs him" and will turn to him once Hilary's campaign goes through its inevitable flame-out.
Do you remember Kerry's 2004 presidential debate, when he referred to 21 different "plans" he had (including a "plan to win the peace" in Iraq and accused Bush of having no "plans"? Kerry thinks if you come up with a plan, you've come up with a solution. He is about to learn again that a plan that both sides reject is about as good as a lockbox, if you know what I mean.

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